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A Trusted provider of school lockers
A trusted provider of school lockers, renting 65,000+ lockers to schools in the UK. We remove the hassle of school lockers, giving you back more time, more budget, and a fully managed solution. 

What makes Secure Locker Rental your preferred company for school lockers

  1. We employ a full-time DBS checked nationwide logistics team, we offer a fully managed service, however if you would prefer, we are happy to work alongside your facilities / maintenance staff that are onsite.
  2. We offer a variety of different style and sizes lockers; we supply both internal and external lockers. We also offer the facility to install canopies for our exterior lockers at no cost to the schools.
  3. We are the only company that can offer an alternative locker if needed whilst we investigate and rectifying any locker issues, so your pupil is never without a locker to keep their belonging safe and secure.
  4. We are happy for you to communicate with one of our existing schools that we work with to find out why Secure Lockers are the perfect locker partner for your school.

Why we do not offer keys.
Combination locks are the safest way for students to access their locker. We fully control our lockers and access to them; our combination locks have 10,000 different codes. Once a locker is booked with us, we send you a unique PIN code this is sent through immediately via e-mail or text message so no waiting around for a key to arrive in the post, keys are often lost or mislaid, this can cause not only disruption but additional costs and delays for your students waiting for a replacement key to be sent. Other companies who supply keyed lockers organise for the barrels to be moved around within the schools every year. Every key that is sent has a code on it and any keys that are not returned to at the end of the academic year poses as a security risk, we do not believe this is a safe and secure option. We are sorry but for security and maintenance reasons we are unwilling to offer keys.